Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beauty... Day 6

This is the "view" I have as I wait for the boys to get out of school each day. I park on the side of the school & if I look to the right, I see the playground & the kids walking with friends, going to meet parents at the end of the school day. If I look to the left, this is what I see. It's just natural land (for now anyway) & it's beautiful. Today was nice & sunny (windy, but "warm") so it made it even more beautiful to look at. I know I've said it before (I'll say it again too), I LOVE Central Oregon!

This is not where I grew up, I grew up where it rained about 360 days a year (ok, not really, but it sure did feel like it). The plus side of all that rain is that EVERYTHING is green. Everywhere you look, you see green (maybe that's why that's my favorite color LOL). Anyway, this is SO different from where I'm "from", CO is BROWN, different shades, but still BROWN. It took me years to actually think it was beautiful here, but ya know what, it is, it's home & I love it!


devri said...

That is beautiful.. all I can see is white at my house..

1boy4girls said...

Yes, well, CO had a lot of SUN too! So that makes up for the brown! I love the NW, but I don't enjoy all the rain. However, I do love the beautiful GREEN summers. We can't have it both ways, I suppose, so I'll look for the positive of where I live! Glad you love it so much there. It is gorgeous!

Char said...

Oh this is so beautiful. Nice to have something good to look at while you are waiting.