Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beauty... Day 18

Today (well, okay, every day) I'm finding beauty in my kiddos.

Not only are they beautiful on the outside (yeah I know I'm biased, but come on, you gotta admit they are), but on the inside too.

They are all so different, personalities & looks, but they are all mine & I love each of them more than they will ever know.

Bonez is the most responsible child I've seriously ever met. He's a straight A student, is a natural athlete, a great big brother & a wonderful help around the house. He has some great friends & tends to stay away from those that aren't a good influence. He's the oldest & handles the pressure well. (Although, we're starting to see some of the "teen" attitude come out, luckily though, he saves it for us!) He is a hard worker, but also knows how to have a good time. He's probably our quietest, but can definitely hold his own in this loud household!

C-Man is our Mr. Funny man. He's the BEST big brother to the little Princess. He too is an above average student & a good athlete. He is very determined & once he decides he wants something, he doesn't give up. He's our most sensitive, he has such a big heart. His big brown eyes make me melt every time I look at him. C is our sarcastic one, he's also always trying to make a deal, we laugh at his antics on a daily basis. He is so full of love & isn't afraid to come cuddle on the couch with me.

Next up is Bubby. He may be the "baby boy", but let me tell you, there is nothing "baby" about him! This kid is a definite go getter! He has NO fear whatsoever. He is super independent & probably the best athlete out of all 3 boys (& that's really saying something)! Prince Charming & I laugh that he has that "drive" that the other boys don't, (well, *I* call it drive, PC calls it "rage") LOL. His older brothers don't take it easy on him, if he wants to hang out with them (which of course, he does), he has had to learn to BE one of the big kids. The flip side of that coin is that he doesn't have very many friends his age. He has NO patience for kids that don't "get it". He has a pretty short fuse & just seems to do better with the older kids. He also has his sensitive side & loves to cuddle with me, & also with the Princess.

Last but certainly not least is the Princess. This little girl is definitely the light of our lives. She is the sunshine in our house. She is 100% girly girl (which of course, I LOVE). She loves anything pink & girly. She is our little entertainer, she is constantly singing (like right now as she's playing downstairs) & "jabbering". We all have so much fun with her. And yes, she really does like having her hair done! LOL She is such a trooper hanging out at hockey tourneys, soccer games, baseball games, & most recently LOTS & LOTS of basketball games. She'll even start cheering for "MY ..."She cracks us up on a daily basis.

Anyway, I know how lucky I am to have 4 beautiful & great blessings. They all mean the world to me & light up my life daily. I love you BCDC!


Traci said...

I love this post. I hope you scrap it. It's definitely the kind of post that they will appreciate reading when they're all grown up.

McKay Family said...

That's awesome...loved every word. You should save this for them and give it to them when they leave home for the first time, when they get married, when they have their own children. What great words!

mimi said...

You do have AMAZING Kiddo's!
So talented and Beautiful!
I also loved this post!...Btw your little princesses hat is ohhhh so ADORABLE on her....Hope you had a wonderful weekend:)!!!

CloverGirl said...

What a great tribute to each of them. You should save it for them, for sure.

LOVE the shirt and hat Princess is wearing. Did you make the hat?

Brynn said...

Thanks everyone! Ok, Brandi, no, I didn't make the hat, my sister made it for her. The shirt is SO Chay! She will only drink "Chachy" milk, when I saw this shirt, I had to get it for her, it was PERFECT!

1boy4girls said...

Very cool.

Very nice hat.

Love them! (the kids that is, not the hats!)

I think Conner even had fun with Bubby Friday night. He'll come around. As soon as he realizes that he's not really a baby anymore!