Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beauty... day 4

Ok, since it's still early in the day, don't be surprised if I post again later today. I'm just sick of the negative, so decided to "take matters into my own hands" & have a quick little "photo shoot" with the Princess. How can that NOT make me smile!
My impromptu photo shoot...
being silly...

her self portrait...

my crazy girl...

my favorite! my beautiful little Princess!

Now I want to share some great wisdom that was shared with me today. I was chatting with my sister first thing this morning & she was telling me about how her 2 youngest (2 & 3) girls had decided to color themselves EVERYWHERE with a teal marker, (of course it WASN'T washable, don't you know kids don't ever mess with those). She had to "redo" the bathwater 3 times before the tub was close to being clear! Nope, marker STILL didn't come off either. Bonus, she has a very nice shade of lt teal bathtub now! Anyway, I asked what she did... that's when she gave me the words of wisdom I really needed to hear. She said she didn't get upset & yell at them, she calmly told them that markers were to be used on paper only. She then went on to tell me that this weekend, she realized her life was gonna suck if she kept wishing it was better than it was. That that's stupid, she kept thinking "if I had that", or "if I was there..." But really, she just needs to be happy here! Let me repeat that cause that's the cool part, "I need to be happy here". She also added that she's trying to be more aware of the kids & enjoy them more instead of getting angry all the time.

Ok, is that not the BEST advice?! I've decided to take her words to heart (whoever said "little" sisters don't know anything?!) LOL Not only am I going to put this to use here at home, esp with my kids, but also with life in general. I've been really upset about the things going on in my "online world", that I'm losing sight of the important things in my REAL life. That is going to change!

Thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom Goldfish, it was exactly what I needed to hear!

Oh, the best part of the coloring story... her 3yo said they were "being Pirates". IS that not the BEST?! Man I love that little girl! She has an imagination like NO one I've ever met, seriously, she is the BEST storyteller I've ever listened to! I just laughed so hard when Goldfish told me what Drie said, it's like "Duh, EVERYONE knows Pirates are teal"! LOL


1boy4girls said...

Awww, you made me cry!

Actually, the credit should go to Mike. He's been telling me that forever. Sunday I just decided to actually take it to heart and live it!

You know, the grass is ALWAYS greener...

So, let's look at all of the amazing blessings that we have and be grateful!

Love you!


McKay Family said...

I will have to remember that story because the time is coming that this will happen to me. Hmmm....pirates are teal? I never knew that! So cute. And the words of wisdom are great too!

mimi said...

Thanks so much for sharing Brynn...I definitely need to use these words of wisdom in my life as well. Our families are so Precious and our babies grow up way to fast don't they...I am slowly but surely learning that frustration over small things leads to more frustration and Patience leads to a much happier me and family.(Goldfish handled the marker situation very well:)
I definitely want my family to know too that they take priority over everything else I try to accomplish each day. You know the stuff that is so easy to get caught up in...the computer...laundry etc. etc. etc.......Thanks again for making me stop today and count my blessings and re-focus on the important things! I want to Treasure every minute....:)

Cathy said...

Wow, Brynn! You don't even realize how much I needed to hear your sister's words of wisdom today.

I don't even know why I was drawn to come check out your blog this afternoon, but I was, and your post was exactly what I needed to read today.

It's been a rough day for me so far, and the exact reason is because I've been focusing on "what if's" today. What if I had that or what if I never get that in my life. Your sister is so right! I do need to just focus on the great things I have in my life right now to find true happiness. That is something I haven't felt in a LONG time. I really have lost my focus.