Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beauty... Day 8

Today, I WISH I could find beauty in silence.

I have a headache, my hubby is out of town until tomorrow night, I'm exhausted & I am D.O.N.E with attitude.

Seriously, all I want is for bedtime to come so I can enjoy the beauty of a SILENT house.

Ok, I figured I better put a little more positive spin on this before I get a bunch of comments asking if I'm alright (or if my kids are LOL).

I also find beauty in my hubby's voice.  Yes, I wish he was home, but just to hear it on the phone is such a beautiful thing!  I'm glad he's able to go & enjoy his hobbies & get away.  (Hey, I'll just make sure I get my turn next LOL).  He is so calming, he really is my rock.  Thanks Honey, I needed to hear your "I love you" tonight!


Traci said...

I've had an awful time commenting on your blog lately. I get it all typed out and then I get that awful cannot display page junk. I'm trying this from DH's 'puter so maybe it will make a difference...

I love this post, just the reality of knowing that there will be those days when NOTHING seems beautiful.. and we literally have to pull ourselves out of the slump to find something. Great honesty! I hope you found your silence!