Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beauty... Day 29

Let me apologize right off for no pics.

Ok, my beauty search for today has made me really stop & think. Yeah, I could easily pull a few things out of our day today & blog about those individually, but you know, my whole day (with the exception of being taken advantage of...) has been beautiful.

We started out going to C-Man's b ball game (which I love), came home & hung out for a little bit before I needed to head out again. The Princess "really have to come with you" Seriously, how could I say no to that?! Of course, then Bubby decided he wanted to come join the fun too (I was only going to get gas & then the grocery store, but whatever LOL).

I was home long enough to put things away, check my email quickly, then we all headed out to B's scrimmage/practice. That was fun! We all stuck around for the first 1/2, then left him there & the rest of us left for Costco. Even though it was super crowded, we took our time & checked out the TV's, then the furniture, we just had fun "dreaming" together. We left there, grabbed B, & then headed home.

Mike is now in the band room with the band practicing, the kids are all downstairs playing & well, getting along! We didn't do anything spectacular, nothing totally out of the ordinary, just normal, every day things, but we did them together & really had fun. I was talking to a friend earlier & I made a comment that sounds totally corny, but is so true...

"Not only do I love my family, I really LIKE them, I enjoy being with them & spending time together". That to me, is beautiful!


McKay Family said...

There is certainly a difference between loving someone and really liking them...I get that!