Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beauty... Day 19

Today I found beauty in being a SAHM. Yeah, I don't always (ok, I NEVER like) like being the one responsible for keeping the laundry caught up, the house picked up & clean, having to figure out what we're going to eat for dinner etc. BUT, today I am grateful that my "job" is to stay at home & take care of things here.

After a lazy morning of hanging out with the Princess, I gave her her bath & was doing her hair when the phone rang. It was the elementary school telling me Bubby was in the office & wasn't feeling good & had a fever. I told Pam I would be there in 10 minutes, (yes, I know I live only about 3 minutes away, but I was in the middle of doing hair remember). Anyway, I went & picked him up & we have spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling on the couch together.

No, I am NOT glad he's not feeling well. What I am happy about is knowing that when I get a phone call from school, I can go get whoever it is that needs me & not worry about me leaving work early etc. I honestly don't know how working parents do it when they have a sick child, or even on days the child is out of school.

I love my "job", I love taking care of the kids & most importantly, I love knowing I can be here for them when they need me. I know that even if I worked outside the home, I would be here when the kids needed me, esp if they were sick, but I also know me well enough to know that I would feel guilty & torn knowing I should be at work also.

Ok, I'm rambling so I'll stop here, but today, I really did find beauty in being a SAHM.


Andrea said...

It's hard to be a SAHM sometimes, but being there when they're sick is definitely a plus.

McKay Family said...

I feel the same way...there are definitely moments when I wonder if working and having time away from the house would be better...but then I remember all the moments that I would lose if I wasn't here.

mimi said...

Yes....It truly is a blessing to be a SAHM! BTW Thank you SO Much for the Happy Birthday !!!! You made my night...I miss you too!!!