Friday, January 9, 2009

Beauty... Day 7

HOKEY DINA I'm excited about this post!!!

I am finding beauty in not only good, but GREAT teachers today!

Ok, first, a little back story. C-Man is ummm, well, let's just say, he has a GREAT sense of humor, he is DEFINITELY our Mr. Humor! He thrives on sarcasm & is ALWAYS the one to give someone a hard time. He's FUNNY & likes to be the class clown. You see, C-Man is very bright, BUT doesn't want anyone to know that. He would rather be known as the "funny guy" than the "smart kid". He had a rough start in school teacher wise, but his 2nd grade teacher was INCREDIBLE! She really "got" him & had a similar personality. She loved his "antics" & they had a blast together. That was really his turning year in school. We will forever be grateful for Ms. Hynes. Next year, started out rough, but because of the large class sizes, he was "taken out" of his regular classroom & "combined" with other 3rd graders for the majority of the day with another INCREDIBLE teacher. We LOVED Erin! She again, had the same type of personality as C-Man, they totally clicked! 4th grade we moved back here. I pulled every string I could to get him in with Sarah, she pushed him & really challenged him (which is what he needed). She was AWESOME. Ok, so now it's 5th grade, can I just tell you, again we "lucked out" in the "AMAZING TEACHER" dept!

Now, this is the "fun" part of my post, the part I'm super excited about! Ok, so Rochelle is a MAJOR OSU Beavs fan & also a MAJOR **gasp gasp** Boston Celtics (holy cow, my comp just about blew up just typing that last part!). WE, as most of you know, are BEYOND HUGE LA Laker fans!!! C-Man is also a BIG ol' U of O Ducks fan. Of course, that could spell disaster for another teacher/student combo, but NOT THESE 2 ! They like to, "Embrace" their differences you could say! LOL Okay, anyway, so the day before Christmas break C-Man & Rochelle made a "deal". The Lakers & Celtics **choke choke** played against each other on Christmas day. The "deal" was that the "loser" had to wear the "winner's" clothes when they came back from break. There would also be a note on the board "___ are the BEST!" This is SO right up C's alley!!! Of course, we heard about this "deal" & how excited he was. We all sat & watched the BIG game Christmas day & let me tell you, C wanted to email his teacher right then & there to give her crap about it! (Yeah, WE won) (Oh, just in case you have NO clue what I'm rambling on about, they played each other in the finals last year & well, the Celtics showed up & we didn't). Finally, the night before we went back to school, C-Man emailed his teacher to ask if she would like him to bring a jersey, or a hoodie. Talk about one EXCITED little boy, he couldn't wait to go to school the next day to see his beloved teacher sportin "his" colors, purple & yellow! Because the "Powers that Be" make the teachers have a dress code (like the students care) LOL she couldn't wear "casual" clothes until Friday.

TODAY WAS THE DAY!!! C-Man took my Laker hoodie in to his teacher yesterday so she would be all ready for today. It was GREAT! C was all decked out (which he usually is, he rarely wears anything other than Ducks or Lakers clothes to school anymore, just to bug (wink wink) his teacher)! He was even wearing his Laker shoes! I showed up at the school to "capture the moment". I had SO many teachers, & even the VP comment on Rochelle's "clothing choice" today, it was the BEST! C-Man got major "attention" today & got to do some "bonus" things. He felt like a KING!!! He's STILL smiling! OH, & just to show how "into" it she got, she wrote THIS... "Rochelle ___ is actually wearing Laker stuff to school- arg. Thanks Con!" as her FaceBook status for today! She had a class right after school today & when I asked if she was wearing the sweatshirt there too, her reply was "a deal's a deal"! What a GOOD sport she is! Thanks Rochelle, for making C-Man's day! You went above & beyond today & we really appreciate it! This will be one of those elementary school day memories that he carries with him forever!

So there my friends, is my "beauty" of the day. I LOVE my kids' teachers, I love that they love their "job", I also love that they love my boys! They make learning FUN & to me, that is VERY important!

Here is C-Man & his "Great Sport" of a teacher today...


1boy4girls said...

Very cool!

mimi said...

That's so FUN !

McKay Family said...

Don't you just love that...this post ALMOST made me miss teaching. I taught 5th grade and loved it! I used to do stuff like that all the time with my students! What a great memory.