Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beauty... Day 26

To be honest with you, I had to really stretch to find beauty today. Not that it wasn't beautiful outside with my street looking like a long forgotten skating rink, or that it wasn't beautiful watching Bubby in his little "program" at school BUT, I'm not focusing on that right now.

I just about lost it this afternoon. Wednesdays are early release days. All I wanted to do was pick the boys up from school & take a nap before I head out to scouts tonight. Without going into everything, I ended up with 3 "extras" today (they're still here). Now, normally, that wouldn't bother me at all. Today, it did. Seriously, as soon as they walked in the house the arguing started. GRRR, I was losin it & fast!

I finally sent them all outside (for my own sanity, well, maybe for their own safety) to enjoy the sunshine & get some fresh air (& get rid of excess energy). I would love to say I had a nice, quiet few hours of peace & quiet, but well, that just didn't happen. I still had the Princess in here & Bubs for most of the time too. Before I knew it, they were all back in here again. To escape all of the boys, I loaded & started the dishwasher & then came up to work on laundry. I had my little helper with me & we knocked it out quickly.

I decided to sit here for a few & on my google page I see that there are millions left in the dark because of the storms. I didn't read any further, I knew right then & there that me being able to do my dishes (NOT by hand) & laundry was a beautiful thing. Something I take for granted. I am so glad I have electricity to make the tedious daily chores around here tolerable. I honestly can't imagine having to deal with this stuff without electricity.

Ok, I have to add this, as I'm sitting here typing, the Princess has gotten into my craft paints. Now, before you think she made a mess, let me explain what she is doing on my scrap table. Here, I'll show you these first...

She is playing house with my paints. She has a Mommy, a Daddy, & baby & who knows what else. The Mickey Mouse glass is her "house". It is SO cute listening to her play. All of her "people" are talking to each other & carrying on conversations.  CRACK.ME.UP!   She can make me smile no matter what kind of mood I'm in. Thanks Roo, I needed that!