Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beauty... Day 15

Today's beauty comes from finding a drink that all 4 kids like!  Yes, unfortunately I'm serious!  I swear, I have the pickiest kids ever, even more so than me!  I opened this drink up tonight & poured me some, was actually excited knowing that I would get the entire thing because no one else would like it.  Unfortunately, I took 1 drink & made the comment that it was super good.  MISTAKE!  All of a sudden, the next thing I know, all 4 kids have glasses out & are wanting some!  I couldn't believe it, not only did they try it, they actually really liked it!  Guess I'll have to put this on my shopping list!

Seriously, I think this is the first thing all 4 kids like.  I have a few that drink milk (only 1 will drink "plain" milk though) they will all drink water, but don't necessarily like it, 1 likes OJ, 1 likes grape juice &  1 likes apple juice.  Anyway, it's ridiculous.  So, not only do they all like this, IT'S GOOD FOR THEM too!  (Well, better for them than soda pop & Kool aid)!

My beauty comes from a yummy drink we all like!


mimi said...

Hooray!!! That's GREAT!!!:)
Mmmmm...Yummy... I love that juice too:)

CloverGirl said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. We love that around here. Enjoy (if you can get any!!)

LeaAnne said...

Good for you! I am glad you found something that is "good and good for you"! Sister Cotco is a handy gal!

We are really LUCKY to not have that problem. Since we do not drink Soda or Kool~aid they have never even had those options. BUT they are particular about canned who knows whats up with that! lol