Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Choose Joy... Family

This is an easy one today!

I LOVE traditions, they are a strong tie to my family & in some cases, my childhood. Christmas Eve is filled with some of these traditions. Up until this year, the kids had always opened up new jammies. Well, last year, the boys all let me know they didn't necessarily like this "tradition" since they don't wear them anyway. Of course, after many tears (on my part of course), I figured I would "teach them a lesson" & said "FINE, YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY NEXT YEAR & I'LL MAKE YOU ALL SIT & WATCH YOUR SISTER OPEN THEM, THEN YOU'LL REALIZE YOU MADE A MISTAKE!!!" Well, needless to say, I did stay true to my word (although, I almost caved today when I was out) & made them all sit around the tree & watch the Princess open her new "Tink" jammies. I know, I'm mean.

After getting Roo ready for bed in her nice warm (& already washed) jams, we got out THE bells & THE book. We read The Polar Express every Christmas Eve. I remember so clearly getting this book & a silver bell on a leather strap when I was young. My aunt & uncle presented it to us & told us it was a tradition they did & they would like us to "join" them. I remember we all wanted to be the lucky person to ring the bell. My first married Christmas, my parents presented us with the book & a bell (actually a set of bells on a bow). I have never missed a year of reading this special book. It brings back so many memories & well, honestly, until tonight, loved knowing that my side of the family all read this "together", it's a way for us to all be together, even though we live apart. (I say this in past tense because I just was chatting with my sister & she informed me they NEVER read the book. I'm a little bummed about that now.) Anyway, it's still tradition in our family & it's something Prince Charming & I will pass on to each of our kids on their first married Christmases.

After reading the book, I had all the boys get jammies on, jammies that *I* picked out! Yep, I'm mean that way, they rolled their eyes at me, but put them on & then even let me take a pic (or 2 or 3 lol).

Usually at this point, Daddy would watch a movie with all the kiddos while I lock myself in my room & finish wrapping, but this year, we're watching a movie that I really want to see too, so we'll all watch together (assuming the Princess makes it that long). I still have "Pop Candy" to make, which is another tradition we do. We leave out Rice Krispies & Dr Pepper for Santa (he gets sick of all the milk & cookies ya know, he likes a little variety! ) LOL

Anyway, it's been a fun day, one steeped in family traditions, both new & old. I LOVE that!

Merry Christmas to all!


mimi said...

I loved your post Brenda...I think Traditions are so wonderful and so important! I love the Jammie tradition! We try to do that one too:) Your pictures are SO FUN...cute...cute! We hope you all have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!!!!

1boy4girls said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better we ALWAYS have homemade strawberry waffles with homemade whipped cream, bacon and orange juice on Christmas morning. Even here in Yuma (Janet made sure we had everything we needed!)