Sunday, December 14, 2008

Choose Joy... Glitter/Shine

Today, I am finding joy in the fact that the day is about over! LOL How's that for "joy"?! Actually, it was a good day, I'm just tired & have a TON of things going on this week.

It's absolutely beautiful outside right now, still snowing & glittery white. Unfortunately, underneath all that shimmery snow, is slippery ice. NOT a good combination on the roads, that's for sure. Luckily *I* didn't have to drive anywhere today. We actually only "slid" once or twice, but nothing major. I don't mind the snow, don't even mind driving in it, it's the ice that scares me. YIKES!!! I still have things to pick up for the b day party on Wed. I'm REALLY hoping the roads get better instead of worse so I can get everything done.

I'm actually finding joy in the fact that I'm inside where it's nice & warm & not outside where it's currently about 7 degrees right now in Redmond (which is about 10 minutes from here) According to my "dashboard" on here, it's 4 right now, not sure which is the most accurate, all I know is... IT'S COLD! High's tomorrow are supposed to be... 10!!! LOL We'll see.

I'll try to get pics tomorrow of the glistening snow, it's too dark out now.


1boy4girls said...

Lucky us, no school today. Gotta love living in a place where it only snows once a year! However, if I miss my flight on Wednesday, I'm gonna be ticked!! Hope you are able to get everything done, and wish that son of yours a happy birthday!