Thursday, December 11, 2008

Choose Joy...RED


Okay, so I'm in charge (with a friend) of our ward Christmas party/dinner tomorrow night.  I got a call from my friend saying that although she had asked "Santa" to make an appearance tomorrow night, she got his suit out to make sure it was clean etc.  Well... top looks great, got to the pants & just started laughing.  (This is when she called me) She informed me that they looked like a child's pair of pants, there was NO WAY in the world they would fit "Santa"!  I showed them to "Mrs. Clause" & well, let's just say, we didn't even bother showing them to Santa, we were laughing SO hard, we didn't even think they would fit either of us! 

Since we didn't think Santa could go on a crash diet & loose that much weight in 2 days, we had to come up with a plan B.  I had an idea... I called to leave a message & the next thing I know, I'm getting a phone call from "New Mrs. Clause" (are you still with me).  She said she would LOVE to say yes, he would be glad to fill in for us, but honestly didn't know if he would be willing (she said he's pretty shy).  I FINALLY got to talk to "New Santa" tonight & man, I TOTALLY had to work it, BIG TIME!!!  He said he couldn't even HO HO HO, how was he going to pull this off.  I assured him all would be well.  He laughed (nervously) & informed me that if Shelly could go & find a new suit (For "old" Santa), he would be willing to contribute, just so he could get out of doing it himself! LOL

It turns out that Shelly DID find a new suit, so at this point, I have not only 1, but 2 Santas for tomorrow!  And to just think, as of this afternoon, I had none! LOL  I'm gonna make "New Santa" sweat it out & then let him know at the dinner that he's off the hook.  Yeah, I'm kind of mean like that!  (IF I see him before hand, I'll let him know, but we do still need to make sure the new suit fits the "old" Santa first).

This, was my joy today, something positive out of what could have been a complete let down.  I love my ward & the fact that people are willing to go completely out of their comfort zone to help others out.  This is also perfect for "red".  I'll share a pic tomorrow of the suit.


Yolanda said...

Hey! Looks like I'm through Sweating It Out! LOL Love your blog, especially since it 'spilled' the beans. (:
See YOU and SANTA...Tonight!!!