Saturday, December 6, 2008

Choose Joy...LOVE

Sorry, no pics this time (but I have more than enough for the week, so it's all still good).  I went to a great RS breakfast this morning, wonderful friends, great program & super yummy food.  Our plan was to go get a tree once I got home.

I'm only going to give you the short version... Prince Charming, C-Man, Princess & I headed out to Walmart to get some lights for the outside of the house.  We got our cart all loaded up, waited in a long ol' line & FINALLY made it to the register.  For some reason, our debit card wouldn't work.  We tried everything (yes there is $ in there).  Got ahold of MIL (who owed us $ for gifts we purchased for her) & told her we would meet her so we could get some cash (after we explained what happened).  Anyway, we finally got things taken care of & paid for our goodies.  

What should have been a quick 1 hour outing, took more than 2!  At this point, the kids were losing it, PCharming was NOT in a good mood & we were all starving.  C-Man was complaining about coming with us & how he should have stayed home with his brothers instead, he didn't know it would take so long etc.  I just said, well, you have 2 choices, you can either be ticked off about what happened, knowing there is NOTHING we can do to change it, what's done is done. OR you can "choose joy", make the best of a yucky situation & move on.  He of course had to see how many other "options" he could come up with ;)  (SO typical of him lol).  It then became a game between him & dad at that point.

We ended up laughing & having a good time.  I'm so glad we decided to "choose joy" & not let it ruin the rest of our day.  The lights got put up outside, the tree is up (we'll decorate tomorrow) & everything looks great.  (Oh, yeah, we did end up getting our tree too).

I love that C-Man was able to turn the stressful situation into a funny one, he's so good about that, he has the best sense of humor & knows how to lighten the mood.

There you have it, my story of how we "chose joy" & are loving our new festive house.


mimi said...

I love this idea of Choosing Joy! I need to apply it to every day of the year!:)