Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inspection update...

Ok, since I mentioned last night, that we had an inspection planned for today, I thought I would just give a quick update. Because Prince Charming is out of town, he didn't feel comfortable with me not here when the "inspector" came by. What exactly does that mean? NONE of my errands were going to get done & I was a prisoner in my own home (albeit a very clean home). Anyway, I finally called the property management place to ask if they could give me an estimated time. She said between 1:30 & 2. Ok, I'll run 1 errand quickly & then be back. Called the 1 place I needed to run & I couldn't be there til 2, ok, we'll just sit tight until after. Seriously about 10 minutes later, the inspector showed up. She apologized for being early, asked if she could check the smoke detectors etc. Sure, whatever. Next thing I knew, she was leaving & said everything looked good. I swear, she was here less than 1 minute!!!

Oh well, at least I got a clean house out of it! LOL

Now I'm out of here to try to get things done before the boys get home from school & our hectic night takes over.

Oh, the boys will be happy to hear that we get to continue living here lol. We told them they had to help clean because if the house wasn't clean enough, they could kick us out & we wouldn't have anywhere else to live. Worked like a charm!!! (Bubby is really the only one that thought that thanks to his brothers, (we didn't correct this line of thinking) but hey, whatever works! LOL

Ok, I'll be back, I have a cool post I want to do if I can get a good pic when I pick the boys up later.


Amanda said...

All that stress for nothing ;-) Good job on the house though!