Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Choose Joy...RED

I'm hoping I can retell this story so it's as funny to you as it was when it happened.

Getting the boys off to school this morning was beyond hectic. Bubby & I were getting frustrated with each other, we were both looking for something & well, to keep this short, we were totally confused, but he ended up with the things he needed in his backpack, so we headed off to school.

Fast forward to me picking them up. I needed to chat with his teacher, so I parked & went in, he met me on the playground & I asked about his lunchbox, if he had it. Yep, he assured me he did, infact ...
Bubby: "It's been in my backpack all day, I never took it out".
Me: "Ummm, okay, then what did you have for lunch..."
B: "Oh, I had a breadstick"
Me: "Uh, what about the lunch I made you this morning, why didn't you eat that?"
B: "Oh, I didn't know you made me one this morning, but that's okay mom, that just means it's ready for tomorrow"

Ok, at this point, I was laughing outloud & his teacher wanted to know what was so funny... totally cracked us up!
On the way home, we were still talking about it & he said he didn't realize I had actually put anything IN his lunchbox, he thought it was empty. I LOL so hard I was crying, we ALL got a kick out of that. I reassured him I wouldn't ever send him with an empty lunchbox (& no, I have never done that before). When we all settled down, he explained that he thought he had forgotten to take his lunchbox out of his backpack from yesterday, so when he didn't see it on the bar this morning (that would have been due to the confusion) he assumed it was still in there from before. (Am I making any sense here?)

Anyway, it was hilarious, this little boy cracks me up every single day! He brings so much laughter & joy to our hearts & home. I can't believe my baby boy is going to be 7 next week. YIKES, where has the time gone?!

Ok, there you have it, even my "baby" is "choosing joy" & making the best out of a "bad" situation. (BTW, he ended up dropping his entire lunch tray & had to go stand in line again to get a whole new lunch. Oh, & he only ended up eating 3 oranges & a chocolate milk because he didn't like what they were having today.) Not once did he complain about any of this, he's such a great kid!

He really is my Pride & Joy!!! (Did you notice what color his lunch box is?) LOL