Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Choose Joy...RED

This is going to be short, but I will add some pics for you.  I am EXHAUSTED!

I am the Webelos den leader for church.  I have 3 1/2 boys in my den.  (1/2 you're asking?  Yep, 1/2. LOL I have 1 boy that is on a "break" from scouting for a few months, not sure when he'll be back...) All 3 of "my" boys were needing a 3 mile hike to earn their Arrow of Light award.  The A of L award is the highest ranking award in Cub Scouting.  It's equivalent to that of an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts.  Anyway, one of my boys will be moving across country the first week in February, so we're trying to get everything done so they can all be awarded this before he moves.  Today was the day we decided to do the hike.  My "asst." mapped out a trail for us, to make sure it was the full 3 miles & off we went.  OMGosh, we couldn't have asked for better weather, it was gorgeous!  

We were right on the river & had a great time.  I couldn't believe how quickly it went, we made the whole "loop" in 1 hour.  We just walked at a leisurely pace, chatted & laughed.  It was great.  I think I take for granted how beautiful Central Oregon is.  It really is a gorgeous place to live.

I am so lucky to live here, I love Oregon, it'll always be my home.

So, today, there is no "red", just "Joy", for the wonderful place I get to call home & for the opportunity I have of working with some incredible boys.

Our view from the trail...

Isn't it beautiful?

Just another shot of the Deschutes River...

This is just as we came out from under the bridge, almost to the car...


Anonymous said...

Great Photos!!!! I'm the same way about Indiana. . .I sometimes forget just how pretty it is here. Everyone thinks of us as cornfields but there is way more than that here.

mimi said...

BEAUTIFUL PICS...Yes Oregon is very beautiful! That is one thing I miss about it, along with My Friends:)
BTW YAY!!!!! I got your Christmas card today :):) It is SOOOOOO CUTE !!!!:):):)