Monday, December 8, 2008

Choose Joy...RED

I'll warn you now, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for pics to go with this post. Sorry, I promise I'll do it, it just won't be tonight.

Ok, with that out of the way... today was incredibly hectic & of course, didn't necessarily go "as planned". Prince Charming & I had a "conflict" with needing the car (remember, we only have 1). He had to be in court, *I* had to pick up the boys. I took the boys to school, he then took off & ran his errands. I then dropped him off so he could borrow his sis' car to go to court (she was at work, so no biggie), I then headed to the post office (I HATE that place this time of year), but, I got stamps to get my cards out & I got the 3 packages I needed to get mailed, out. I went over to PC's aunt's house to drop off her Christmas card & let her know about Bubby's party this weekend. I pull up & can't find her card... anywhere. Yeah, I "mailed" her card, yep, I did "remember" to put a stamp on it, but, there is NO address, or return address. UHG, I'm more upset about wasting the stamp. Oh well, it's pretty funny (see, choosing joy here). On my way home, I remembered it's my friend's b day, so the Princess & I headed to drop off another b day invite off, then to Trader Joes to get some flowers. I found the most beautiful "holiday" bouquet. They were GORGEOUS (sorry, no pics of them though, you'll just have to take my word for it).

I then decided to head home for a few before I had to pick the boys up. I walked in the door & noticed a sweatshirt thrown on the floor. Hmmm, I picked up before I left & I swear, this wasn't there. Next, I notice B's backpack... I KNOW that wasn't here. WAIT, B shouldn't be home, he's supposed to be at basketball practice. I find him & he informs me practice was cancelled. I hurry & call the elem school to let them know I will be picking the boys up, do NOT walk over to the MS. YIKES.

I ended up having 2 "extras" all day. Well, I actually sent 1 home around 5 or so & I took B to get his hair cut (finally!). Prince Charming got home shortly after we did. I hurried & made dinner so the boys (my 2 & the "extra") could head out to COBO practice. (I'll stop here, although, I could go on, my evening did NOT stop there).

See, I told you it was hectic! LOL Anyway, while I was at TJ's, I found a big ol display of "Candy Cane Joe-Joes" OMGosh, can I tell you, they are HEAVENLY! YUM. The cool part... the packaging is RED! How cool is that, not only did they bring me "joy" they "fit" with the theme this week. Talk about a major SCORE! LOL

I promise I'll post pics tomorrow, I can't do it from this computer. Stay tuned.