Sunday, December 7, 2008

Choose Joy... RED

This week marks a new week, with a new week, comes a new "word".  This week's word Sherry chose is... RED.

Personally, I think I lucked out with this one.  Today was to be the boys' first COBO games.  The boys have been SO excited, have worked really hard, etc.  They wear their uniforms with pride.  Prince Charming & I couldn't wait to go cheer them on.  UNTIL we got their schedules.  The games overlapped & of course, were at different high schools here in town.  As of last night, we still hadn't figured out how exactly we were going to manage today (we only have 1 car).

We finally made the decision that we would all head over to C-Man's game (his started first), PC would take Bonez & Bubby & head over to the other school & stay for B's games.  They would then come back & pick up the Princess, C-Man & I.  This was NOT necessarily what I wanted to happen & had we had 2 cars, we would have "switched" so that we could both watch 1 game each.

Things don't always go the way we want, so we did what we could.  Anyway, in the end, it worked out fine.  I snapped some quick pics & then passed the camera off on PC so he could take some of B playing.

Ok, this is getting long, so I'll end by saying that both boys played well.  C-Man took some warming up, but then was on fire the 2nd game.  He played most of that 1/2 because he was being so aggressive with steals & blocks.  His team won both games, the first, was a total nail biter, but they ended up winning by 1!!!  The 2nd game, holy cow, they won by at least 20!

C-Man getting ready for the game to start...

C-Man with the ball down court...

B's team lost (ok, got killed) the 1st game, but then came back for the 2nd & did the killing (different team).  I guess B played incredibly well & had the most playing time on the team.  Yeah, both are extremely tired, but happy with how they did.  

Bonez shooting...

B guarding his man...

Oh, you're wondering where the "red" comes in... their team colors of course!!!  RED, black & white.  GO COUGARS!!!  Hopefully next weeks games won't conflict like they did this time, but even if they do, we'll "choose joy" & make the best out of it.

***Yes I KNOW they are horrible pics, sorry, but it's all I had to work with, hey, I chose joy & am posting them anyway lol.


mimi said...

I think the pics are great, and what a fantastic attitude you have:)