Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Choose Joy... Glitter/Shine


I'm 7!!!

What a fun day we had today, celebrating Bubby's big day! We have a tradition here that I started with Bonez' 1st b day. I buy a mylar balloon the night before their b day (& hide it) & then once they are sound asleep, I put it in their room so it's the first thing they see in the morning. I have done this every b day, for each of the 4 kids. It's something special & fun that we all enjoy. Bubby woke up & the first thing he said to me was "Mom, I already got 2 presents!" He was SO excited, he was referring to the balloon & the king size candy bar attached to it.

Notice the balloon has 7 candles on it?!

Next up was C-Man's BFF Shea showing up (we take him to school every morning) with a cool Nerf hoop for him. Bubs had that opened even before I managed to go downstairs!

Today was the craft fair at school, I made 12 altered composition books last night for C-Man to sell, Bubby wanted me to meet him there & go around with him. Of course, I had a million things to do to get ready for his party, but heck, it IS his b day, so yes, I went. The boys got some great "treasures" for each other & had lots of fun.

Princess & I came home & worked like crazy making cupcakes, cleaning the house, wrapping presents & everything else that needed to be done.

Fast forward to the party. We had 6 little boys that came over (yep 10 kids total), what a BLAST they all had! They made "gingerbread" (graham cracker) houses (I made them & glued them together, they just got to decorate) that kept them busy & it was really fun listening in on their little conversations. After they were done with that, we made snowman ornaments. Those were a little trickier, but they had fun. Next up was opening gifts (he got some super cool things!) then cake & ice cream.

We headed out as a family soon after everyone left for our other "tradition". The kids get to choose where we go out to eat on their big day. All 3 boys insist on eating at Dairy Queen! LOL Crazy kids!

I took a ton of pics, but had to borrow a friend's camera & don't have a cord to download to my computer, I'll have to go get hers tomorrow & I'll share more.

Anyway, here are a few I snapped with my camera...

Wearing a gift from us...

Another gift from Mom & Dad...

Decorating his gingerbread house...

It was such a fun day, it was crazy & I'm so tired, but boy did it bring me lots of joy, seeing my little boy surrounded by some great friends. It always makes me feel good knowing my kids have good friends. Anyway, today's joy came from my little Bubby, & the glitter came from the sparkley balloon!


CloverGirl said...

YAY! Happy birthday!!