Monday, December 15, 2008

Choose Joy... Glitter/Shine

Today started out incredibly CRAZY!!! To make a completely long & complicated story short, my boys all stayed home today. B DID try to make it to school, poor kid stood waiting for the bus for 45 minutes in freezing cold temps. He finally walked back home after a group of high schoolers informed them that the buses wouldn't be picking them up. UGH, like I said, it was crazy. They cancelled all elementary schools, & well, if you happened to make it to either middle, or high school, you were to stay, but they weren't taking attendance. (In other words, all the HSers left that could) LOL

Anyway, C-Man ended up spending the day with his BFF & I'm sure, had a blast. The other kiddos had fun hanging out here sliding down the "hill", & then coming in to warm up, then heading back out again.

I had a ton to get done today & did manage to get a good portion of it completed. Now I need to really work tomorrow to make sure everything else gets done.

Anyway, with the craziness of the morning, I am happy to "report" that it ended up being a good day anyway. I decided to choose joy (even when my DH wouldn't go with me to run errands so I wouldn't have to drive) LOL

Here are a few pics of the kids playing in the glittery snow. It was windy, & cold, but SO beautiful.

The Princess wasn't out there very long, but she sure had fun stomping around! (The snow was blowing right into her face, that's why she's squinting).

Bonez at the bottom of the "hill", right in front of our house...

Another of B, this one on his way down... (they had to keep their faces down & covered since it was blowing & hurt...

Bubby's turn down the hill...


mimi said...

Fun...Fun...!!!Wow, You got a lot of snow there too! Is it still snowing?! John's had to snowplow from about 10:00pm- 4 am the last 3 days here. It has been SOOOOOOOO COOOOLD !!! Are you all ready for Christmas?!:)

CloverGirl said...

How fun!!! Jacob will be SO jealous if I show those to him!