Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New month long challenge...

So my friend Sherry came up with another great challenge for the month of Dec. In Summary, we are to "find joy". Each week, she will have a new "theme", we are to blog about how that (our interpretation) brings us joy. Oh, & we need to do this daily, BUT add pics to go with the theme 3 days each week. I'm excited & think this will be fun.

So, this weeks "theme" is... LOVE

I know this won't come as a surprise to anyone, but I'm going to blog about it anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do the Princess' hair. Yes, it brings me joy, in fact, great joy. It's a few minutes every day that we get to spend together, laughing, having fun & being creative. This is our "special time" of the day, something we both love & look forward to. How do I know she looks forward to it, you ask... because she asks me to do it. She gets out of the "splashy", we get her dressed & she runs to the bathroom counter & gets her "hair goodies" out, then while she is sitting on the counter playing, we chat & she hands me the rubber bands & "pretties".

So, yes, while many will think this is corny, it's something I love & that brings me joy each & every day! Here are some of the pics I took today after I did her hair. (Complete with bows I made this morning).


mimi said...

Brenda I think that is so neat, that you and your baby girl spend that special time together:) That's so sweet!!!!
BTW her hair looks so adorable in the pics.

CloverGirl said...

I'm going to laugh when the day comes that she doesn't want you to TOUCH her hair.


McKay Family said...

I must know hoe to make those bows!