Thursday, March 5, 2009

My questions from Michelle...

My friend ArlaMo had something like this on her blog, she had to answer 5 questions & then I told her I would be willing to answer 5 that she "hand picked" for me.  It took me a while, but since I couldn't sleep tonight, figured I would finish these up.  If  you would like 5 questions of your own, let me know & I'll come up with some for you.

1. If you could have lunch with three people, living or dead, whom would you choose and why?

I've had the hardest time with this question, trying to narrow it down to 3 is almost impossible.  I'm ready to give it a try though.  Let's see, the 1st would be Missy Tate, Missy was my BF in college & boy did we have some fun!  Unfortunately, we lost touch over the years & I have NO idea where she is.   Yes, I tried finding her, but haven't had any luck.  Anyway, I would love to sit down & catch up with her.  I think of her often & wonder where her life took her.  I  would love to hear her southern accent again, boy do I miss that! 

 Next up would probably be my biological grandpa, my dad's  bio dad.  I never had the chance of meeting him; we did exchange letters a few times when I was a teen, but that's about it.  I have so many questions I would love to have answered, like why he always treated my dad the way he did, did he try to hurt him on purpose, or did he just not "get it".  I would love to know that he really did love my dad & his siblings & also his grandchildren.  I would ask if he was happy with the way his life turned out, I really, honestly hope he was & would be able to answer me that way.

Hmmm, the 3rd, well, I'm going to cheat & choose 2 more, 1 would be my grandpa Mickey.  I would love to see his silly smile again, to hear his laugh just 1 more time, to tell him I love him.  Oh, I have plenty of questions for him too, I'm sure he would be squirmin in his seat (okay, probably not, he would smile that smile of his & I would forget all about my "mean" questions).  I would ask about his on again, off again (on again, off again) relationship with my grandma, I would ask about his life & why he made some of the decisions he made.  Man I miss him, he could always make us laugh "Hey Bocki", remember that Goldfish, & his silly little wave with his hand at his chin as we drove away? 

Ok, last one, I would want to sit down with Prince Charming's brother Bryan.  I would love the chance to say goodbye to him, to tell him how much he has made a difference in my life & in the lives of so many others.  For my lunch with Bry, I wouldn't want to be alone, I would want PC there with us, they were best friends & I know how much PC misses his "little" brother.  I would also insist on my kids being there.  I so wish they had more memories of their great uncle.  I know Bonez & C-Man remember him, but Bubby was so little when he died & the Princess never did get to meet him.  Anyway, he was an amazing guy & is loved & missed so very very much!  

2. I'm always interested to talk to other moms with lots of boys. I was a very girly girl, so having five boys was a bit overwhelming. I always wonder if I'm doing all the right things for them. I know your daughter is still pretty young, but do you find parenting boys or your daughter easier?

My boys are easier, hands down! I "expect" them to be roudy, loud, outgoing "crazy". I did NOT expect that with my Princess. I too was super girly, so the 3 boys threw me for a loop. BUT, at the same time, I have always loved sports, they were such a major part of my childhood, I can't imagine not having a house full of sporty boys. Now, don't get me wrong, girls can & do play sports, but to me, it's just not the same. 

When the Princess was around 1 year, we totally noticed the drama with her. OMGosh, we can't turn it off! We didn't ever get that with the boys. None of my boys were ever temper tantrum throwers, but man, she more than makes up for that, let me tell you. 

She is extremely girly, so I've been loving that, she loves to dress up & of course, have her hair done, but she also isn't afraid to play with the boys outside, or wrestle around with them. She's also my LOUD one. (Ok, guess she doesn't have much choice in that one if she wants to be heard). LOL My Hubby & I laugh that Heavenly Father definitely knows what we can handle, that's why I only have 1 girl! Don't get me wrong, I waited a long time for the Princess & wouldn't change her for the world, NOTHING compares to a little girl, I also just know that 1 is enough for me thankyouverymuch! ;)

3. You have five minutes to pack up and leave your house, forever. What goes and what stays? (We will assume that your DH and children are a given.)

Hmmm, well, my computer goes (at least my ex hard drive), as does my albums, that is stuff that can't be replaced.  I would also grab a set of scriptures (although, right now, I have 2 sets in my car, so we would be covered).  Other than my car keys & purse, I think the only other thing I would "have" to have would be clothes & of course, bows for the Princess! (I'm kidding of course).  I'm sure Bonez would be grabbing Izzi, I can't imagine he would be willing to leave behind his iguana.
Wow, funny how we think we "have" to have everything, here I am thinking about it & ya know, I could live without all the "extras" if I had too.   As long as I had my family with me, it would be okay.

4. Who has been the most inspirational non-relative in your life? What two or three life-changing things did you learn from that person?

This one is easy, hands down, Leeann. She has been a 2nd mom to me ever since the day I had Bonez. She is the one I can call for any kind of advice, anything from cooking questions, to child rearing, to scripture references. She's the one I can & do call when something is going wrong, or when I'm super excited about something & need to share. She is always there for me, no matter what. Let's see, 2 or 3 life changing things, hmmm, well, the most recent was when I was put in a "weird" situation with a friend. I was really struggling, I knew what I wanted to say to my friend, but didn't feel comfortable saying it. We have different beliefs & I knew that was playing into how I felt. I also knew my friend didn't feel the same way, or believe the same things. I struggled giving advice & being supportive. I called Leeann & talked it all out with her. Her "advice" to me was something about how right is right & wrong is wrong, no matter what the religious background is. Somethings really are black or white. She reminded me that *I* wouldn't feel good with myself if years (or months) down the line, the friend realized what a mistake she had made & I didn't say something then, when I was asked & had the chance. Leeann is always the one to tell me to be honest, not only with others, but with myself. That isn't always easy for me to do, I HATE confrontation of any kind. Leeann likes me to come to my own conclusion when I approach her with something, rarely does she tell me what to do, she gives guidance, but knows that I will learn better when it's MY idea. She told me last month that if she could be "proud" of something/someone, it would be me. She has seen me grown more in the last year than in the 13 years we've known each other. I was in tears by the time we hung up, I felt so loved & special. I know I've really grown up in the last year because of some things that I've been forced to go through, it was nice to know that someone else noticed it as well.

As a disclaimer, I don't want it to sound like Leeann has taken the place of my mom, she hasn't, at all, I'm extremely close to my mom & talk to her almost daily. I feel so blessed to be able to have 2 wonderful women to look up to & learn from. I love them both more than they will ever know.

5. What is the most meaningful gift you have received and why?

This question has me stumped, I've thought about it ever since Michelle sent me my questions.  Ya know,  I still don't have an answer.   I think I want to say, my membership in the Church.  It's because of the Gospel, that I am who I am.  I can't imagine where I would be without my testimony.  I love the fact that because of that, I am able to be sealed for time & eternity to my family.  I have the values I have today because of what I know to be true, because of the things I have been taught my entire life.  I love that I am able to give the same "gift" to my own children.  I love that PC & I are in this together, that we do have the same "guidelines", the same values & morals, that we both have strong testimonies.   So yeah, my most meaningful gift would be the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, I know I kind of "cheated" on the last question, I rolled so much into 1, but it really does all have to do with my membership in the Church!


CloverGirl said...

That was neat. And how is your last one cheating?! I think that's a great answer!!

1boy4girls said...

Very cool.

And yes, I totally miss "Goodbye Bocky". I was his favorite, you know!

And glad to know you haven't keeled over. I was getting worried about you.

mimi said...

That was fun to read! Thanks for sharing Brynn:)!

ArlaMo said...

I love you answers, Brynn!! Thanks so much for playing along.

McKay Family said...

The 5 Questions meme was fun...I did it too no too long ago. Loved your responses! Such a good way to get to know people.