Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Challenge #2

Who has been your friend as long as you can remember?

That's today's question.

Hmmm, I'm going to say my "oldest" friend has got to be Jodi. She is one of the first "friends" I met when I started a new school. It was a public school, but it was TINY. I started out in 1st grade, but after a week or two, I got moved to 2nd grade. Great, not only was I the new kid in school, I now had to move up a grade, AFTER school started. YIKES! Anyway, Jodi had long dark hair & was tall & so dang cute. We hit it off & became great friends. I will never forget, in 3rd grade, Mrs. Spooner's class, sitting in a circle on the floor & the teacher asking what our dad's did for a living & hearing Jodi's answer. (I'm not going to say what she said then, but well, it's obviously left a lasting impression on me!)LOL I ended up moving & went to a different school (MUCH bigger lol) for 4th grade. After changing from Foster to Arleta, Jodi & I lost touch. I thought of her often, & even knew where she lived, but for whatever reason, we didn't really see each other after that. Fast forward to Middle school. I remember going to some event, (no clue what it was), but running into her. We lost touch again. Now fast forward to high school. Lo & Behold, who was there... my old friend Jodi! Once again, we picked up where we dropped off. It was like nothing had changed. Jodi & I were inseparable during HS. Man we had some fun times. We spent tons of time just hanging out, trying different outfits on & then "posing" for each other to take a pic. We listened to music, we were just your typical teen I guess. We stayed close all through high school & graduation. Not sure what happened after that, I guess we both just got on with our lives. It was years later before we hooked up again, we were both married & had little ones by then. Through out the years, we lost touch & then recently have "found" each other through face book. How much fun it's been seeing her kids all "grown up" & hearing about what she's doing. We're hoping to get together this summer, with some other friends from HS & have a crafty weekend. I can't wait


1boy4girls said...

hmmm, what about ME??? I'm pretty sure we've been friends longer than you and Jodi have...

Just sayin'

Brynn said...

Yeah, whatever. Technically, we weren't really "friends" until later though. LOL

Besides, I still have 6 more of these to do, be patient & maybe you'll see one about you. ;)

shirley said...

What a great story. I love those friendships that never seem to fade. I have one friend from HS that I keep in touch with through FB, I wish I lived closer so I could get together with her.

And, as for Twilight. I suggest you rent it. The acting is OK, some of it is actually cheeky and will make you laugh.

I have a 11 YO DD, so buying the DVD was a must. I think she has watched it 4 times now.

Tanielle said...

I have lost touch with most of my friends from school. But I did have one that we were like sisters on and off all through elem. middle, and high school. We were such nerds together. Oh how much fun we had!!!!!

Have a great day!