Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog Challenge #6

Today's question is... "Who encourages you?" I've been thinking about this one & was having a hard time coming up with just 1 person, UNTIL tonight when I read Traci's blog. She posted about her daughter & that's when the light bulb went on for me. I can honestly say that one person that really encourages me is the Princess. Yes, I do know she's not quite 3. Yes, I understand she doesn't necessarily "know" she's encouraging me. No, I'm not saying she comes up & says "Mommy, you CAN do that, you're strong, you can do anything etc" (Although that would be nice to hear LOL). So how exactly does a not quite 3yo "encourage" me you ask? That's easy...

You see, in her eyes, I CAN do everything, I am strong, & hey, I'm even tall in her eyes (anyone that knows me can laugh with me at that one ;)). You see, I am her mom, right now, I'm pretty much her everything. I'm the one that is home with her all day, I'm the one that gives her a bath, does her hair, picks out her clothes, cleans up her messes, gets her something to eat, helps her get on the potty etc. I'm the one that gets to play with her, takes her to the library, shopping, out to get a strawberry limeade at Sonic. LOL You see, right now, her & I are pretty inseparable. That's fine with me, we have so much fun together. She really is my sidekick. We're a lot alike, she's super girlie girl (yep, just like mom), she loves having her hair brushed & done, she loves wearing dresses & looking like a princess. She loves playing with her doll house, & her babies, she's super social & loves hanging out with her friends, she loves the phone & is loving the computer too.

All of this is bringing me to the point I was trying to get at before I got sidetracked... she encourages me to be my best. I know she is watching every thing I do & sometimes imitating that. I want to be a good example to & for her. I want her to love life & see the positive in things. I want her to know she can always turn to me & talk to me, no matter what. I want her to know that I will be always be her #1 fan & support her. I want her to be a strong member of the church, I want her to have her own strong testimony. I want her to want to be a mom, I want her to be a good wife & mommy. I want her to want to serve others, I want her to give 110% in everything she does. I want her to stand up for what she believes in, no matter who may be hurt in the process. I want her to be strong, & confident. I also want her to be herself, & true to herself.

Yes, I want a lot for her, now do you see why I have such a big job ahead of me? She needs to learn these things from me. She needs to see me do these so she knows it can be done.

Anyway, now you know why my little almost 3yo Princess is such a big encouragement to me. I love you Roozi! May all your dreams come true sweetheart!


Amanda said...

What a wonderful and inspiring post Brynn! So sweet :)

Traci said...

How could you NOT be encouraged by those huge beautiful eyes gazing up at you?

And do you know what I'd give to live close to a Sonic?

Morris Family Journal said...

Oh I love this! Juj is almost 3 too and can so relate! :) We are lucky mommies!