Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mystery solved!

Ok, I didn't find this very funny, BUT, a good friend of mine told me I needed to write this down to remember it. She (& her hubby) are probably STILL laughing at this., they both found it hilarious.  Yeah, whatever!

So... here's my story...

  Lately we've been having problems with the Princess having "yucky" accidents.  (Personally, I don't think they're accidents as much as "I don't want to stop playing just to go potty").  Anyway,  today was more of the same, I found her in her room playing with her "people" & yep, sure enough, I was going to have the pleasure of dealing with a MESS.  GRRRRR (it's a DANG good thing she's cute!).  So, into the bathroom we go to start the "process". I don't want to deal with the panties right then, so I leave them hanging in the toilet bowl & I'll finish cleaning them out later.

Fast forward to "later".  I can't find the panties!  Seriously, they aren't hanging where I left them.  Now, I KNOW I didn't clean them up.  I KNOW I left them hanging.  I specifically remember leaving them there when I walked out of the bathroom.  Hmmm, Prince Charming is the only other one to use the master bath, & he hasn't even been upstairs, so nope, he didn't do anything with them (yeah, I know, like he would anyway).  Ok, whatever, I'll deal with that later, I'm sure I'll end up finding them somewhere.  

I start cleaning up my latest project & decided it was time to dump the trash from my bathroom.  What do I find on the top on the garbage?  A BUNCH of wipes.  Hmmm, now this is getting interesting!  I KNOW *I* didn't do anything with them.  I can pretty much guarantee the boys didn't do anything with them (that would be way too close to cleaning for them).  Again, PC hasn't been upstairs, that leaves only 1 other person!  THE PRINCESS!!! So, at this point, I think I have a pretty darn good idea where her panties ended up!  I go into her room (cause even though she's in bed & has been put there no less than 4 times already) I know she's still up.  I ask her if she had the wipes out, yep.  I then decide (even though I REALLY don't want to know the answer to this next one) to ask "Roo, did you flush your panties down the toilet?"  "Uh huh" (with smile on her face).  You see, she has seen me wash them out & so she thought she would "help" & do it herself this time.

GRRRR  Guess next time she watches me do that part, I should make her watch me TAKE THEM OUT OF THE TOILET & PUT THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!!  Holy Freakin Cow, a lightbulb just went off then.  You see, we've been missing a few pair of panties, I have accused Prince Charming I don't know how many times of flushing them down the toilet, he kept assuring me he knows better & wouldn't do that.  Well, I just figured I was completely losing it & decided that I had somehow "blocked out" what I did & somehow put them in the washer without remembering.  Yet, at the same time, I knew her panty pile had been diminishing, so I kept buying more.  UGH, the Princess has been flushing her panties down the toilet!!!  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!  I love this little girl, I love this little girl, I love this little girl... (I have to keep reminding myself of that)  I know she'll out grow this stage, but holy cow, I'm not sure we're going to survive it in the mean time!

Anyway, I was pretty frustrated & was "venting" to Jenn, SHE thought it was hilarious & then had to fill in Chad when he got home, they BOTH we're laughing so hard.  Ummm, *I* didn't find it that funny, but I'm glad I provided them with their nightly entertainment!

I guess the good news is, I'm not really losing my mind & blocking things out!  I also feel good (kind of) about solving the missing panties mystery all by myself without having to even mention any of this to PC.  Shhh, it's our little secret, don't tell him what his little angel has been up to!

I'm going out tomorrow to pick up a few things, guess I need to add Princess Panties to the list.  


McKay Family said...

Oh my word! That is funny!

Traci said...

I love it! I know, it wouldn't be so funny if it was my own doing it. But since it's not then I can lol.