Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Blog Challenge...

Yes, I do realize the month is more than 1/2 over. The way I figure it, I only have to do 7 posts for this one, so hey, why not just start now. LOL The challenge this month, (like the last 2) come from my friend Traci, you can find her blog here. She has a jump start on me, & has some good posts up if you have a few minutes, go check hers out. Anyway, here is the challenge & I'll actually post my first post for this later tonight.

This month's challenge is of a different sort. March is Women's History Month. Since we are all women, it seems fitting to have a monthly challenge that honors the special women in our life.

Is there a woman...
Who you wish you spent more time with or talked to more often?
Who inspires you?
Who you can always talk to?
Whose story you're always in awe of?
Who touched your life in a major way?
Who taught you a skill that you use often?
Who you could trust to point out the lettuce stuck in you teeth from lunch?
Who you could invite over to your messiest house?
Who you want to be like when you grow up?
Who made you want to be a mom?
Who you've never met, but always admired?
Who you wish was still here with you?
Who you laugh so hard you cry with?
Who can finish your sentences for you?
Who has been your friend as long as you can remember?
Who you've been greatly encouraged by?
Who you'd love to have a one hour conversation with?

-Pick 7 (get it "lucky number 7?) of the above writing prompts and roll with them. Write 7 meaningful posts about 7 special ladies. If you don't like my prompts feel free to substitute some of your own.