Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog challenge #1

"Who do you wish was still here with you?" That's the question I'm going to blog about today for this months challenge.

I have a number of people I could write about, but today, I'm going to focus on my Grandma Phelps. I've been thinking about her a lot lately & am beginning to see a completely different side of her than I ever saw when she was alive. You see, she was my mom's mom. She was an incredibly talented seamstress, she was a hard worker, & pretty much raised all of her 7 children as a single mother. I've heard stories about my mom's childhood all my life. I know grandma was a BIG part of my life when I was younger. Unfortunately, I have very few memories of living in Cali. I do remember (vividly) going over to visit & "having" to watch the Lawrence Welk show, watching the bubbles at the end of the show. Anyway, Grandma moved in with us when I was in High School, so most of my memories are from that time, (& let's just say, they aren't all good).

So why are you asking, am I writing about her & wishing she was still here? Well, earlier this week, I was playing around on Face Book & came across a "group" I'm a part of, it's just for relatives & my cousin has posted a number of pictures on there. There were quite a few pics of my mom growing up & pics of my grandma in her "younger" Mommy days. WOW, I have seen her in a totally different light. First off, she was beautiful! Another, she was laughing & happy in most of the pics, like laugh out loud, happiness radiating off of her, happy, that's something else I didn't see often (if at all). I know Grandma had a hard life, I know & have heard stories from my mom & my aunt's, about what life was like for them. It's amazing Grandma did all she did, she really was a strong woman. I wish I would have had the opportunity to get to know a different side of her. I wish I could sit down with her & hear some of her stories, both the good & the bad, so I could really understand her. I know that I could learn so much from her, things that would help me with my own family. I wish I had even a 1/4 of my Grandma's strength. She went through so much in her life, & came out a better, & stronger person because of her trials.

Anyway, I know she loved me (my mom has told me how much she adored me when I was little), but I would love to get a big ol hug from her & hear her tell me, just 1 more time. I would love to sit down with her & tell her how proud I am to be her grand daughter, how much I love & admire her & all she did for her children.

So, now you know who I wish was still here, my Grandma Phelps.


Shirlene said...

I've thought often too, how cool it'd be if Granmda was still around and I could have more of an adult relationship with her. I think I see her differently too, now that I'm older. If she were around now, I'd love to spoil her, do things for her, take her places, and help her to not be lonely. She was a strong woman, and I think we need to give her props for all she did.
I adored her, and I thought she was always sweet, and did nice things for us. But even as a young child I knew she wasn't very happy. It'll be fun to see her again someday!:)

Tanielle said...

I would love to see my brother again. He was 15 years older than me, but he had some amazing qualities about him that I really looked up to. Unfotunately he was an alcholic, none of the family knew. Only his wife. He hid it really well, but passed out every weekend. We were all told and tried to do an intervention. Nothing really worked, and for 4 years all the family tried to help. He went through some really tough times, and in the end gave up. He committed suicide almost five years ago. My very closest niece, his 19 year old daughter found him. She is a tough gal!

Sorry quite depressing! I miss him a lot though. And feel so sad that he is missing so many amazing things. He only got to see one of his children married. He has 4 and a half grandchildren. And so many of us, that wish he were still here.

Thanks for letting me go on and on. Lots of sad memories, but there were great ones too!