Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm so beyond ready!

To have my hubby back home where he belongs!  He has been gone since Thursday & boy am I ready to have another adult in this house.  According to Bonez, "It isn't any fun when Dad isn't here, all us kids do is argue."  Uh yeah, but I don't see how that changes when he IS here!!!  Dad did get a kick out of that statement though.

Things could have been much worse, honestly, things went pretty smooth, but I still want him home with us.  

So where did he go you want to know?  Well, he's been in Vegas playing in a paintball tourney. So, how did they do you ask?  They took 3 teams & ... ALL 3 TEAMS TOOK 1ST!!!  In other words, they did GREAT!!!  I've talked to him a few times & he's been exhausted, but said they had a blast. We're not sure when or where the next tourney is going to be, there is rumor about both Michigan & Utah... we'll have to wait & see (although, I have friends in both depending on where they play).  I'm glad he got to go & even more so that they were so successful.  He was supposed to go last year to Georgia, but it was around the same time as the retreat I went on, so he stayed home & let me go.  This was his chance & we're both glad he made it.

Oh, & to finish off his great looong weekend, he got invited to go to the Laker/Blazer game tonight in Portland.  Now we just have to hope he can make it home safely.  Luckily there are a bunch of them driving over the pass "together", so I'm feeling much better about that.

If I don't post for a few days, it's because we're trying to get back into "normal" mode.  Wish us luck!


McKay Family said...

I'm not sure what the pass is, but it sounds like one of "those" roads! Glad he'll be home soon!

Brynn said...

Sorry, I forget not everyone is from here. LOL The pass is going through the mountain, not a fun drive during the winter, beautiful during the spring & summer & even the fall. It's downright scary right now. It was white out conditions earlier today when I checked.

devri said...

Soo scary! I hate passes. And I hate snow.. but go be normal!!

1boy4girls said...

Good for him. I'm glad they did well. I bet my Mike would love to do something like that... Topic of conversation for Friday night!

Oh, and SOOOO sorry about the outcome of the game. Must have been heartbreaking for him...

BUT I hope he made it home ok. I hate driving the pass in the snow and ice!