Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Bonez!!!

I can't believe I am the mom to a teenager. That is really freaking me out. Seriously, I can't be old enough for this! LOL

I remember so clearly the day B was born, & actually the last few days leading up to it. I won't bore you with the details, but it was quite the surprise having him when we did. We had a c-section scheduled for April 3, nope, guess he didn't like that date. He had something else in mind. LOL

I am so beyond blessed to have him not only as my child, but as my first born. B has brought so much love, laughter, personality & well, even attitude at times, to our home. I can't imagine him not being a part of our family. I have never met a more responsible child, I've even had teachers tell me that. I have a good friend that for years would make the comment "you have such good kids". Well, yeah, okay, whatever. It has taken me years to finally "get" that. You know, I really do have good kids. Bonez is certainly no exception, that's for sure! He's always the first to jump in to help, even when it may be something he doesn't want to do, I know we can count on him.

Anyway, I just want him to know how much I love & cherish him. I am so proud of you B, you have an amazing spirit & I hope all your dreams come true!


McKay Family said...

Happy Birthday Big Man!

1boy4girls said...

Happy Birthday B! We hope you enjoyed your day!

Shirlene said...

Wow.......a teenager??!! Didn't you get married after me?? My oldest just turned 8. But then it took us 6 1/2 years to get her here!!! That explains a lot. I'm glad I have a few more years before the dreaded teenage years! Yikes. But it does sound like he's a sweetie, so hopefully things won't change now that he's a teenager!:) Hope you guys had fun celebrating his b-day!