Friday, March 6, 2009

Bragging rights!

Ok, I thought about posting this yesterday, but decided against it.  Tonight, I read a friends blog & she was talking about her son's parent teacher conference & well, I decided I too would "brag" about my kids.  Heck, it's my blog, I should be able to talk about anything I want on here right?! LOL

Anyway, before Prince Charming left town yesterday, we headed to conferences for the younger 2 boys.  C-Man's was first & well, let's just say, that kid is SMART, not just smart, but like super smart!  Seriously!  He didn't just meet benchmarks, he totally EXCEEDED them... in EVERY subject!  He tested so high in 1 subject the first time around (state testing) he doesn't have to take the test again, the teacher said there is no reason to have him take it, he can't get any higher than he already did!!!  How cool is that?!  Yeah, he was beyond excited about that too. LOL  His teacher was saying that in 1 "thread" of science testing, he had super high scores & the funny thing is, they haven't even covered that material yet!!!  Holy cow, see, I told you he was smart!  The funny thing with C-Man is that he does NOT want to be known as the "smart" kid, he tries very hard to "protect" that so people don't see it.  He wants to be known as the "funny" guy,  he succeeds in that too.  His student teacher was telling us how much fun it is having him in class, he constantly has them giggling & laughing with his quick wit & sarcasm.  Both teachers were quick to reassure us that he is NEVER disrespectful, he knows when it's appropriate to be funny.  (Good thing too)!  

Ok, next up was Bubby.  Now, his teacher, we know very well, she was Bonez' teacher for 1st & 2nd grade, she would have had C-Man had we not moved & well, if things go as I would like, she'll have the Princess too.  Yep, we LOVE Mrs. W!  Anyway, to say that Bubs is impatient & competitive is a MAJOR understatement, so yeah, I tend to get a little nervous talking to the teachers!  Well, he too is doing WONDERFUL!  He's also above benchmarks in everything & doing great.  He is challenging himself to not "shout out", which is a HUGE step for him & something she said he is doing great with.  Bubby loves to learn & is challenging himself to always do better, he uses his competitiveness to push himself harder, which is good for him.

Even though we didn't have conferences with Bonez, we did find out his grades.  He too is doing great.  All A's & 1 B.  Not bad considering he just missed a full week of school because he was sick & he had VERY little (like 1 page was all) of "make up" work.  The class he is getting a B in is his hardest class & everything they do is in class, so it's hard to make up what is missed.

Anyway, I'm extremely proud of all 3 boys, it's nice to know that they are all doing so well, esp with their busy schedules.  (Although, they all know if grades slip, the first thing taken away is the "fun, extras" they so enjoy).

Ok, that's all my bragging for tonight.  Thanks for reading!


McKay Family said...

Congrats to all three boys...and you too! Apples don't fall from there trees! ;)

Xazmin said...

Congratulations on having fabulous kiddos. It's so rewarding when they make you proud...mine do too!

Tanielle said...

Awesome conferences!!! I am anxious to see how my kids are doing here in a couple of weeks. Glad everything turned out o.k. for your baby too. It is so scary, and the love we have for our children is overwhelming! Have a great Saturday!

mimi said...

Hey Brynn...That is so Neat that they are all doing so Amazingly well!:)...It was so fun talking to you the other day:)